Research On Racetams Other Than Piracetam

The research on piracetam is quite convincing to me, but it seems like there is minimal research on the host of other racetams, which is concerning to me. I don't think the piracetam research necessarily applies to the other racetams, as they are different in chemical structure. 


I'm wondering what people might know about the research on the stronger racetams that everyone seems to be trying? I experience minimal effect from piracetam, so I would like to try these others, and have been playing around with them a bit. But I'm concerned about taking things that aren't backed by strong research.


I'm curious what people think and know about this.




  • Go to pubmed and type the word "racetam" in the search box and see what comes up.  The common knowledge is that Piracetam is very well studied (read Smart Drugs for Thought 2 and look at all the pubmed studies) but the others are far less studied - that's about all we know.  


    Aniracetam got 291 hits so you can spend a nice afternoon reading those abstracts.

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    Pubmed for sure is the best bet to look. You can also look around at various wiki's that people have pieced together about nootropics for some potential studies. Also most vendors cite studies in their product's description so that is another avenue to check for studies. I'm working on setting up a blog that will discuss nootropic news, just need to finalize one more thing and get the layout wrapped up :)

  • From a strictly scientific perspective, you are correct in being more wary of drugs in the racetam family that have few studies.


    Aniracetam has a few studies with people included. Oxiracetam studies are mostly done on animals, but both are shown in a positive light.


    Coluracetam has a few studies as well. Noopept is not in the family of racetams, but it has some good studies because it is still used in Russia / other countries.


    Definitely follow-up on the recommendations made above; searching PubMed with the relevant nootropics is your best bet.

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