Fat Types

Hi Guys, can I get some clarification on this??


I can't seem to figure out which types of fat are good or bad from a BP perspective.


saturated = good. singe bond, heat resistant.


Monounsaturated = ok if not heated as unstable?

polunsaturated =  bad


Getting confused over online research as to which is good or bad, assuming that my extra virgin olive oil is good if not heated then monounsaturated is ok if not heated as its mainly mono? poly are bad, but my pistachios nuts are mainly polyunsaturated as I recall, and these are recommended?


  • Pistachios are somewhere in the middle, I believe. I eat tons of em.

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  • It depends if you are on a high or low fat diet. If you would go very low fat, like 10g/day, I would say 100% of your fat should be polyunsaturated (5g Omega-3, 5g Omega-6) since some of them cannot be synthesised by the body.


    However, if you are on a high fat diet, let’s say 200g/day, 10g of poly unsaturated would still be sufficient for your needs. That means 190g would be saturated and monounsaturated and only 5% polyunsaturated.  

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  • CycloneCyclone rich in satisfats
    In your tummy is good, in the trash bad.

    Omega6 are inflammatory and are easy to get in your diet without trying.
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