Hyaluronic Acid

So I am on a health mailing list for a guy that does electronic healing and radionics stuff, but recently, he has gotten into this MLM for a product that contains hyaluronic acid.  I don't want the product because I know I can make it or find something cheaper, but I was wondering if anyone heard about this compound or used it for their connective tissue?  


It seems like a pretty powerful treatment strategy once I looked into it, all the major makeup and beauty brands incorporate this in their products now.  It is used topically or orally, and can be injected as well.  I am thinking I will try some pills at some point.  Most of the encapsulations contain collagen to enhance the effectiveness.  It seems like collagen and this HA go hand in hand, especially in skin cells and joints.


This is a product website but it gives you a rundown of what it does:




If I could get some BP opinions on this we could figure this thing out.




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