Caffeine Breaks Anyone?



  • I take 23 hour break every day
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    I'm doing the opposite!


    After years on decaf, last week I started using about a TBSP of regular bp coffee beans with my decaf beans. The idea being, let's see if I'm missing out on anything... So far I like the result, I notice when the increased alertness kicks in, but my IQ seems the same : ) I did get one headache, although vodka was also involved in that.


    Since my hormones and adrenals are so sensitive and high maintenance, I doubt I'll continue this forever, but maybe I'll cycle with it like you guys cycle with not using it?

  • I took a 2 weeks off and the first 3 days I had to take a 30 minute nap during the afternoon, besides thinking about the time it takes to prepare breakfast compare to making bpc, I didn't notice any caffeine withdrawal symptoms. I do about 4-6 cups.

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    I went without coffee for about a month. I recently bought a Toddy cold-brewer and have been enjoying iced coffees. It's nice to be drinking coffee again, and the cold brew is so much more palatable. Some days I'll have a huge thermos-full, other days I'll skip the coffee altogether. Figure mixing it up like that is probably good, though I don't think I've ever had issues with caffeine dependency.

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    I would rather drink green tea than decaf during a break period.

    I dont take breaks, but I might start doing this on the weekends, or every other weekend.
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    The upgraded decaf is actually pretty decent, for decaf. In fact I'd go so far as to say it tastes better than a reasonable number of common caffeinated beans.


    I had my first break from coffee recently. It was the first break after years of consuming coffee 7 days a week. 2 weeks of no coffee. I noticed zero difference before, during or after the break. No headaches, no naps, no flat feeling. I did miss the taste and smell of coffee though, there's no hot drink I've found that's as satisfying in the morning as BPC. I'd love to hear from folks who know of something compatible with IF that isn't caffeinated but tastes just as good.

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    There is a time and place for decaf of course. Never and in the trash. :D
  • I have been meaning to fast from BP coffee for awhile now, so I decided to start on Monday.

    It was miserable. I had a migraine, felt nauseous, tired, and grumpy all day. I never realized how addicted to caffeine I was. I never drank caffeine before starting BP coffee a couple of years ago, but have drank it almost every day since July 2013.

    Yesterday was much better, with only a slight headache and a little tiredness. Today has been fine, even pleasant.

    I am planning to not drink it at all in February.
  • I actually got pretty addicted to caffeine at one point, but then I just deiced that I would stop. It sucked though because I would keep getting headaches from not drinking it, but I think that break was good because I don't drink it as much anymore. 

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