Butter/ghee Conservation Strategies

I have made some Ghee a few times at home this past week and it tastes great with cooking and still good in the Bulletproof Coffee — A bit although oily, but the egg trick works :P I am just wondering what people's thoughts are in the the process of extracting the same amount of volume from a butter to Ghee. Do you lose quantity in the heating process? Is 1 tbs of Ghee more or less fat content then butter?


I used an 8 oz stick of Kerrygold for the Ghee and it's amazing how fast it disappears once I start using it (I know thats not a lot of butter for some people). I'm just curious as to what peoples strategies are in conserving their butter stock. I'm in Canada and unfortunately have to drive up to the states to get my hands on the stuff.


  • ghee should be around 100% fat, while butter is 82% usually

    for the conservation, well i don't know, i would use it when i can actually taste it and use other butter for other things

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