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Hijama is like an oil change for the human body- if you compare the body to a car- you remove the old dirty (oil-blood), so the body can replenish the circulatory system with clean blood. Hijama helps to remove impurities and stimulate the bone marrow to produce new, healthier blood and increase blood circulation.”


Cupping is a unique, safe and effective alternative treatment for the treatment of many diseases by cleansing the blood and improving blood circulation. All the major diseases such as heart attack, heart failure, stroke, cancer are directly related to poor blood circulation. Almost any disease can be treated when supplemented with cuppng and proper diet.


The key to good health is to ensure that an estimated 20 trillion human cells through the blood circulation system receive a continuous supply of nutrients, oxygen, antibodies, enzymes, and hormones to produce energy, fight infection, maintain life and reproduce itself. The human body has limited ability to cleanse the blood itself and carries toxic waste acids that reduce blood flow. Cupping brings relief and cures the symptoms of chronic pain, weakness, fatigue, organ damage and premature aging.The percentage of blocked blood vessels is directly related to the age of a person but can be lowered by adopting a healthy lifestyles and unique treatment with this therapy.


For example, the average 20 year old has a 20% blockage of his / her blood vessels while a 60 year old has a 60% blockage. Death occurs in about 80% blockage. This means that the risk of disease increases by age and the onset of the disease usually begins at the age of 35 years. By the time you reach the age of 50 years it is common for most people to have chronic illnesses like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, diabetes and arthritis. Examples of diseases that can be treated with cupping include stroke, heart diseases, angina, hypertension (high blood pressure), high cholesterol, metabolic syndrome, cancer, diabetes, kidney disease, hepatitis, arthritis, female infertility, Alzheimer's, migraines, back pain, IBS, constipation, diarrhea, heartburn, eye infections, throat infections, ear infections, muscular aches and pains. 


Here is a video of one of my clients 




Here is another practitioner from the Uk doing the back






Tell me what you guys/gals think?


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    A lot of this sounds like pseudoscience, to be quite honest. Nonetheless, I'm somewhat intrigued. It doesn't sound terribly dangerous, at least. The Wiki on Hijama cites a few studies where it seemed to help with pain.



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    Just reading this made me loose 13.76 IQ points.

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    Pulled it off a malay website .. I corrected it to something more manageable now.

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    tl;dr - my magic 8-ball says "wreaks of bovine fecal matter."

    No sorcery, just science. 

  • If you're that worried, just go give a pint of blood to the red cross.  Does both of you good.

  • Didn't Dave talk about doing this in one of his podcast episodes?

  • I've had quite a bit of cupping done (lived for a year in china and trained with shaolin monks)

    It helped me with soreness from all the training, and spine flexebility. I'm not sure it's a mircale cure.

    It's pleasant though...

  • Increasing circulation to help prevent disease? Not going to argue with that...

    Dave did talk about donating blood as men age to help with excess iron in a recent podcast. He also mentions it here: http://www.bulletproofexec.com/the-truth-about-red-meat-and-diabetes/

    "Elevated iron levels are not normally an issue for menstruating females, but men should get their iron levels tested regularly, or just donate blood every 3-6 months.". 

  • Just reading this made me loose 13.76 IQ points.


    I agree with you that this sounds like pseudo-science but it cured the sciatica in my lower back (nerve pain that runs down through hamstrings and restricts mobility/fears sore when u stretch). I had that problem for like 2 years and I was foam rolling everyday with no results.My thinking was that this sort of worked like going into those chambers Dave talks about where you're really cold and, as a result, your blood rushes out of your muscles towards your vital organs and once you step out, completely new blood goes into your muscle to fasten recovery. Idk. Could be bullshit I didn't really read into this just my 2 cents.

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    In here to argue for the restoration of the word "pseudoscience."  This should not be a prejorative, instead we should acknowlege that psudoscience refers to using scientific techniques to explore a problem-solution when measurement of variables cannot always be standardized.  This is not a bad or a good thing.  Most studies that show an improvement in something like "pain" are inherently pseudoscience as there is no agreed-upon standardized measurement for pain.



    A lot of this sounds like pseudoscience, to be quite honest. Nonetheless, I'm somewhat intrigued. It doesn't sound terribly dangerous, at least. The Wiki on Hijama cites a few studies where it seemed to help with pain.



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