Searching For Skin So Supple And Smooth

I feel like skin is an excellent measure of general health, so figure that I can use it as a marker of my progress towards becoming the best me. So, I've been on a quest to clear up my complexion, shrink my poors, lighten my blemishes, and just have generally beautiful skin.

So I'm going to follow a skin regimen a month, and see what happens. I'll post some before and after pictures of my face and other trouble spots. I'll also keep track of my weight, body fat percentage, and water composition (things my scale tells me). Any other things I should track to be more quantifiable?


Here's the regimen: (it's pretty intensive - I'd welcome any feedback or recommendations on additions or subtractions for it)






  • Oil Cleanse (EVOO and Castor oil) daily
  • Lotion - Honey Girl Organics The Lotion daily
  • Hold/Cold Shower three times a week
  • Dry Brush prior to shower
  • Clay Mask - Alitura Mask prior to shower
  • Body Scrub - Kombucha Coffee Scrub (coffee grounds sitting in a kombucha/ACV mix) with shower
  • Sauna once a week with 1 g of Niacine
  • Purified Water, DMSO, DMAE, R-ALA, and Ascorbic Acid spray applied to my face, arms and torso 3-5 times a week


I plan on following this for a month, looking at results, and then modifying and simplifying. My wife will be following my supplements, but she has her own chemical product topical routine and does not like me trying to mess with it (she does have beautiful skin). So I guess this is kind of a N=2.


  • I heard on the Lierre Keith fat burning man podcast that vegans generally have poor skin from lack of cholesterol.. 


    She said she basically got good animal fats into her and within three days her skin regained her elasticity.. 


    that list looks incredible. 


    I would say eat four raw free range eggs with yolk each day! Not blended (it damages the fragile proteins)  Just cracked and poured into a glass, rocky style, maybe with a tiny bit of coconut milk to help the taste..


    thats my cure for everything eggs are a miracle food. 


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    Thanks STACK, I have a student who owns chickens, so I may be able to tinker with pastured eggs.


    A couple notes on things.


    DIET - I do have some dietary considerations that I think could be considered "confounding variables" of a sort for this experiment. I drink BP style coffee every morning - made with coconut oil instead of MCT (for both price and GI reasons) - and rarely eat breakfast. When I have avocados, my lunch is one with maybe a small protein shake. Dinner is usually pretty clean, but we do eat out once or more a week. I have very low sugar intake (mostly coming from fructose in berries), and use no sweeteners aside from Stevia. I know that eliminating dairy and gluten usually shows improvements in skin (and I do have minor eczema), but I haven't done that. I will try to eliminate gluten and limit dairy while following this protocol. Summer break starts mid-June, and that often changes everything.



    COFFEE SCRUB - I have been using my kombucha coffee scrub for two months now, and love it. It was inspired by Dave mentioning the friend of his who rub her coffee grounds on herself in the shower, and later reading about probiotic soap and kombucha made of coffee (which did not appeal to my taste buds when I made it). My skin feels noticeably softer and smoother after bathing with this. I have even used it to eliminate the dry skin on my eight-month-old's back. It's simple to make - just put coffee grinds in a jar and top them with kombucha and a splash of ACV. I am going to start toying with it to see if I can make it into something a little more soap like (a coffee house near me sells coffee soap, which got me thinking).


    OIL CLEANSE - I have been using the oil cleanse irregularly (though usually at least once a week) for about a year. It helped me to get off soap and shampoo/conditioner. I would like to try it with MCT oil in the mix, but haven't bought one of those gallon drums marketed to massage therapists yet. It is a simple process (wipe oil on, steam it, and wipe it off - which to me is rub on oil in a hot shower, then rinse it off after a minute).

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    Update - Day Three

    I have been following the protocol for three days now, and plan on following the routine Mon-Fri, cycling off the rigid supplementation for the weekend (to stretch it from a four week plan to a six week plan, since the Thorne stuff isn't cheap).


    Serrapeptase Cyst reduced

    I have had a ganglion cyst on my left wrist for the past couple years (probably from playing the guitar) that slowly grew to the size of a marble. Yesterday, I was thinking that I need to take a before picture of it, and then discovered that it has already shrunk to half of its size. I credit the Serrapeptase, but did not expect it to work that quickly (I then looked at some scars, but there is no noticeable decrease in their appearance yet.)


    From my understanding, Serrapeptase is a proteolic enzyme - meaning that it digests proteins down to amino acids - that targets fibrous tissue, such as plaque, cysts, and inflammation. Looking through some articles about it (mostly anecdotal), people use it to safely treat endometriosis, cystic fibrosis, arthritis, and, according to webMD, just about everything else. I'm taking too many things concurrently to confidently attribute anything to Serrapeptase specifically, but my hunch is that it is what reduced the cyst. I will be recommending it to a friend who has back pain, another who has endometriosis, and my sister who has carpel tunnel (in addition to trying to get them to embrace butter while spurning HFCS, sugars, and artificial sweeteners of course). I have gotten into the habit of recommending Collagen to just about anyone that will listen (including the three people I mentioned), and think that I will be falling into this habit with this enzyme as well.


    THORNE FX Multi and EPA Complex - Energy up and feeling refreshed

    My pee has been bright yellow since starting on these, but my (and my wife's) energy level has been higher than normal (and it has been easier for me to smile when faced with knucklehead seventh graders). So I feel like at least the B-Complex is effective even though it is creating somewhat expensive pee. It's probably too early to speak to effects on my skin, but in general I have a sense that my skin is better hydrated and nourished - it generally feels refreshed, as if I had just dried off from an after-sauna cold shower.


    Eczema gone

    I have had eczema on my elbows since I was a child, and it spread to the knuckles on my right hand as an adult. I was generally able to control it by limiting sugar, avoiding harsh soaps, and applying high quality lotions. In the three days since starting this protocol (along with a weekend prepping for it using my kombucha scrub and upping my Vit. C intake), all signs of my dry/cracked skin have completely vanished. I feel like this is due more to the supplements than the topical, since I have tried most of the topical aspects of this regime before and not gotten such dramatic results. Like the cyst, this is another thing I was too late photographing to get a before picture. I just didn't expect these things to vanish in two/three days.

  • Hey Kevin, do you have an update? That is one very rigorous protocol.

    I am inspired by your kombucha/coffee/acv scrub!

  • dazdaz today is a good day ✭✭✭

    ...& any more updates on your thoughts &/or use of Serrapeptase.   thx

    fake it till you make it

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    For clean skin and a great complexion you could try Honey and  Organic Black Seed Soap. It can be traced back more than 3000 years to the Assyrians and ancient Egyptians. Sometimes working from the outside-in is as important and in this case as effective.

    The soap is a blend of Wild Honey and Apricot Oil and works by cleanses and exfoliation and will soften and smooth skin.

    The Shea Butter content is said to help heal and condition too due to vitamin and  fatty acids content.


    Could use topical vitamin C as it helps with collagen production and replenishes lost vit C from the skin....never heard of the Kombucha Coffee Scrub before and sounds good.





    Updates please Kevin.




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  • Hydraulic acid Jarrows - 20 capsules(very small) a day on empty stomach = smoothest skin in world in 3 days.


    Don't shoot the messenger, read it on longecity. 

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