Any Bp Graphic Designers Out There?

Even though this is in the gangster banter section, I should clarify that I'm not looking for pictures of dicks. Repeat: no dicks. 


A few of us are looking at passive income sites and this could be a good opportunity to help get a few other BPers some work too. The guys like me that are good at writing content are also hopeless at graphic design, and would need some help. 

Are there are graphic designers out there? This could be a good little community project where everyone helps everyone :)

No sorcery, just science. 


  • I used to design websites and can setup a wordpress with every marketing plug-in built in very easily.  I am a pro at photoshop and pretty good at illustrator.  I currently don't have a personal website but have samples I could send anyone who is interested. 

  • TylerTyler
    edited June 2014

    I've been photoshopping for 10 years, can do websites and videos too.


    Hit me up :)

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