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  • Bulletproof forum is a platform at which we can share our experiances and thoghts to others.Thax for starting it.



    "on which" or "at which?"   :-P

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    Hello out there. Brief description of progress.

    Started BP diet on 10/21/13 following  my golf coach and some professional golfers doing it. Month 1 lost  10lbs. Month 2 lost 10lbs. Month three lost 10 pounds. Month 4 no loss. Starting month 5 no loss yet, but at lowest weight. Change in month 4 was MCT oil instead of Whole Foods coconut oil. Month 5 went back to coconut oil.

    No exercise. Had cravings for cheese for about a month and a half. Now none. Never lost weight the days I had sushi, so I switched to sashimi. No change.

    Met Dave at an event in Los Angeles at Erewhon Market. Said cheese craving was allergic reaction and determined sushi/sashimi was a soy sauce was an allergic problem. Stopped soy sauce and lost weight next sashimi trip. Problem solved there.

    No bread in 4+ months. No cheese in 4+ months. No potatoes and now no rice.

    About a month  and a half after starting BP diet, wife said she had not heard me coughing in the morning in a while. Did not realize that. Cheese or gluten, I don’t know.

    Pretty good progress so far, but want to shed more pounds. Any ideas appreciated.


  • What's up people? 


    My name is Ben and I'm About 4.5 months in to a primal-ish, bulletproof-ish living. Feeling so much better than when I started. Still seeing improvements. I would be thrilled were they happening quicker and with more consistency. I suspect it's mostly/all my fault for a dearth of planning and excess cheating. The biggest challenges for me are trying to keep my energy level high enough while working long hours and evenings and not be driven to the point of distraction by hunger by bedtime (usually 1am). Upping good fats and protein and we'll see where things go.


    Thanks to all for the great reading and advice. It's been a huge help.         




    My weight loss also slowed down at the 4 month mark, though for different reasons. You said you gave up rice and potatoes; are you skipping re-feed days entirely?

  • Re-Feed. Too complicated. Just eating better. Considering a little exercise.  Fifth month seems to be dropping a little.

  • Great place to share ideas, but if there is a coffee subforum and a recipes subforum, shouldn't there surely be a supplements subforum? Dave described the MOST important "biohack" as being a supplement: vitamin D.

  • Hey guys- been floating around here for a few weeks, finally decided to participate. I started moving toward a BP-like diet (and BP coffee) about a month ago, and it's been great so far. I'm 6'6" and, oddly enough, have gone from 180lb to 170 in four weeks. Not that I needed or wanted to lose weight, it just happened with me eating more food than I had been before. I'm currently in college for engineering, and most interested in how to perform well without a substantial income. I'm beginning to figure it out, but sometimes on Dave's site it's difficult to see which are the most cost-effective changes to make. Whatever happens, this is exciting- health hasn't been that interesting for me in the past, so I've got some catching up to do.

    Men are undoubtedly more in danger from prosperity than adversity.  For when matters go smoothly, they flatter themselves, and are intoxicated by their success.  ~John Calvin



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    Hey All, 


    New to the forum, looking forward to contributing as much as possible.


    A little background...worked in a health food store while at university then as a rep for a health food distributor for around 6 years back in the day and have maintained a strong interest in the field ever since. Currently working as professional firefighter and plugging away at a nutrition degree in my down time (Should have studied instead of Business back in the day).



    MSc student. Health Nerd.

  • Hello all! I am very moved by what I have read so far. I began with an endocrinologist involved in anti aging in 1999. There I learned the basics of bio identical hormones and healthy replacement techniques.  I have a well life program that includes mind, body, and spirit. I am very new to most of the subject matters discussed here. I look forward to learning all I can.

  • Hi guys, Tyler here from Western Australia. Been on the BP diet and podcast for about 2 weeks. Absolutely loving it.


    Keep up the great work all.

  • I've been viewing the forum for awhile, and decided to join up to participate in some of the discussions. I found Bulletproof through all the food documentaries on Netflix, which eventually led me to reading Dave's blog about how Mercola swiped the bulletproof design for the diet cheat sheet. I have been listening to the podcast since - for a the past four months or so.
  • Excited to be here and hi all.

  • Hi, Kathy23!  Welcome to the Bulletproof forums!

  • Hello everyone! I used to live in Switzerland but came to the US a year ago. I'm a computer systems engineer and never paid much attention to my health (I really didn't look at food as 'fuel' and didn't realize its impact on our well being) until I gained quite a heavy amount of weight here in the US. Boy, you sure get enough fructose in the US! So roughly a year ago I started my own journey to research food, diet, healthy living and what our bodies need and don't want. Since then I've realized several bad things about non-regulation here in the US (ewg skindeep, cough) and I started to understand where my poor health was coming from (poor nutrient consumption, high calories, refined/processed foods, etc.). Throughout my research time I gradually made changes and I remember in the first two months coming across Dave and thinking how silly he was and how ridiculous this whole idea is and so forth. Well, many months passed and I was confident in my diet as I had seen tremendous improvement not just in biomarkers but for example on my skin (Huge improvement to how I used to eat). So two months ago I saw the BP infographic and had to realize that all my own research that I had down and my own infographics that I made were pretty much identical to the one Dave created. This was huge for me, because every topic that I looked up for the past month on how Dave sourced it and explained it was identical to my own personal research.


    That's how I came about to the bulletproof way and I've since improved several things in my life thanks to the great ideas here on the forum and from Dave. I like that this community is rational and analytical and doesn't just jump to conclusions because of what Dave said. People here have their own mind and will do their own research and this is what's so great about it in my opinion.


    The best thing that I've taken from Bulletproof is the mindset that I'm in control of my own health and body. I'm never going to listen to a doctor or guru just because they sound convincing - I am my own best judge. Even though I don't have a biology degree I think of myself as capable person that can and has read through a lot of BS to get to the truth of things. So I'm here now to give advice from my own personal experiences and research I've seen and read about and of course to have a discussion!

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  • Hi! New to the forum, new to Bulletproof Podcast. Very excited in joining and learn biohacking concepts. Always pumped up every time I listen to Dave's podcast and couldn't wait for new guest and topics.

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    Hi everyone,

    First post here. 

    I've been tipping my toes in Bulletproof waters for about 2 months now.  So far i must say, amazing! I realize i tasted a fraction of what sort of well being could result from this.

    I've been accumulating knowledge for years on these relations but purely from a theoretical and intellectual perspective. Now that I met this community, I'm very well on my way to actually put all this in practice. I have a very long way to go though. 

    So happy I found my way here.

  • Hello all!


    I have been lurking here for about 2 months, during which I have started going bulletproof. Decided to register now that I have taken the leap of ordering from upgraded self to test the difference between BP products and what I have been using (just finished my first cup with upgraded vanilla)


    Thank you all for posting great information and I look forward to reading more.

  • Hello all!
    I have been lurking here for about 2 months, during which I have started going bulletproof. Decided to register now that I have taken the leap of ordering from upgraded self to test the difference between BP products and what I have been using (just finished my first cup with upgraded vanilla)
    Thank you all for posting great information and I look forward to reading more.

    Welcome to the Bulletproof Forum, Snap! Always great to have new members and we hope you will continue to join us and learn/contribute.


    BP Moderator
  • Been listening to podcast for about a year, discovered on Joe Rogan, and through Marks Daily Apple, found him through BeachBody. I am very tired of the way my bodyweight is climbing. I am 5'8" and 236 pounds right now. Size 40 pants :( I am back on track doing Les Mills Combat workouts and trying to figure out this Bullet Proof thing, Will be trying coffee soon......

  • What is the difference between Brain Octane and XCT oil? Honestly I've lost nothing using BP coffee, Brain Octane and grass fed butter and feel no surge of energy or brain clearing. If anything I feel more sluggish. Felt more energy with over counter MCT by Barlaens.
  • Hi Everyone, I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself. I've been loosely Paleo for about a year- and am just finishing up my first 2 weeks of BP. I was originally inspired to overhaul my diet early last year when I discovered that I have Celiac Disease. After 1 week, I felt like a new person... and I've never looked back! (Okay, full disclosure- that's a lie- I totally caved into sugar like a madwoman this past holiday season... but was back on track in January! 🙊)

    Anyhow, I'm loving the BP coffee- so creamy and frothy! And, I've found that the protein fast/carb re-feed days do wonders for me - otherwise I start getting quite light-headed & lethargic. I don't have much weight to lose, so I may start doing those twice a week in the near future. The biggest challenge I've faced these first 2 weeks is all the time in the kitchen! I've been sticking to the recipes from the book- and since I work, I end up making dinner for my husband and I, a separate dinner for the kids, then lunch for the following day. Too much! So, will definitely be looking to simplify things!

    Nice to "meet" you all!
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    I am pleased this forum is up. I hope I am in the right forum to share what I have been doing. I have been fascinated with Bulletproof coffee. I buy the best beans, grind them myself and add coconut oil and grass fed butter myself. I do this because Bulletproof products are not available in South Africa.

    So on Monday, 9th February 2015 I decided I want to experiment with the intermittent fast! I tried to look on websites for a kind of eating plan and eventually came across one that said, coffee in the morning, coffee at 2 pm and then a meal. So I did the morning bullet coffee and did my cycle training. Very fast for 20 minutes because I am training for a race. I could feel ketose in my mouth. Had about 3 cups of green tea. By 2pm, no hunger, so I just had bullet coffee. By the evening, no hunger, so green tea and bed. Next morning the same routine. Except I increased my cycle speed by 11 second with a 1 kl distance added. Only drank green tea during the day and Bullet coffee at 2 pm. No hunger at supper. Day 3 was the same. Bullet proof coffee in the morning ( I must add that I have lemon water first thing and then do coconut oil pulling for 20 minutes). Only on the Wed evening did I eat some food because we were entertaining. I could not find what I should eat to come off the fast! So I had a very small sweet potato, small barbecue chicken thigh and some salad. Within minutes I had to run to the loo and everything came out very quickly. Like liquid (sorry!). Next day I did the same with starting with the coffee, cycled and then Pilates, green tea, and coffee at 2 pm. Then I thought I should eat something, but seriously I could have gone without a meal! I made a bringel bake. No loo. It's Friday now. I have lost 5.5 lbs, in 5 days. I feel absolutely terrific. I never set out to lose any weight. I was fascinated with the fasting! And I know losing so much so quickly is not good. I am 62 yrs old. I am about 9 lbs heavier than I should be for my age and height! But i am very active fir my age. I walk, cycle and do Pilates and some high intensity workouts at home as well. I was just experimenting with the coffee. My brain function is by far better. I don't feel tired at all. Lunch today I had half a avocado! I could carry on like this for the whole week!!!
  • My concer should be taken to my dr. I read thatGhee is high in VitaminK which is not good as I'm on blood thinners. Has anyone asked their doc about this yet?
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    Hello everyone!


    I am 26 years young, from Scotland and I work on oil rigs where the food is as delicious as it is is unbulletproof (very)


    My dietary goals are simple.


    1) To be as healthy as possible. Without health you have nothing – nothing at all as my old lady frequently says and I can’t think of anything else that comes close to being top priority.


    2) Brain power. Apart from being resistant to disease and any other kind of body degradation no matter what kind, I am aiming to optimise my brain. I spend more than half the year offshore where I work 12 hours non-stop for months at a time and the ability to focus and concentrate extremely well is of the utmost importance.


    3) Jacked/Ripped. Finally, I am aiming to become as lean as possible whilst sporting a muscular physique – not the incredible hulk but enough that people can see that I am ‘big’ but not Pudzianowski standard! I am pretty lean already (9-10% BF at 165lbs 5’8) and have decent muscle mass (remnants from my younger years when I powerlifted competitively) although not to the degree I desire.


    So there you have my 3 goals – optimal health, optimal brain and ripped physique – goals I don’t imagine are too different from most people here. The challenges lie in working in an offshore environment which can be considered a dietary minefield at best,.


    It is my intent to do a proper blood panel time-series comparison to ascertain the progress of my experimentation with the Bulletproof principles. I don’t know much about how to do this being based in the UK but I will discover how to work toward and ultimately produce a hard-copy output similar to Quantified Bob (who inspired me to undertake this self-study). If only to put my parent’s minds to rest who find the notion of eating 1 stick of butter no matter how grassfed more terrifying than an invasion by Russia!

  • I agree! I am excited to see this forum now available and can't wait to share all of my bulletproof experiences. Hopefully I can contribute, but at this point, I may just ask a lot of questions.

    Thanks for starting this!

    I agree for this and again Thanks for starting this

  • Hello everyone I'm new.. I do not know how to up load my picture on here.
  • I am going to start the fast weight loss protocol tomorrow. I start my day much later than the sample given. Is there any issue with that as long as I finish in 8 hours each day. It says all the BPC I want in the morning but only about 500ml or less. Which is it...all I want or 500 ml or less?
  • Brand new to Bulletproof. I was surfing You Tube yesterday and discovered one of Dave Asprey’s videos. Immediately ordered Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil and the Bulletproof Diet book. The items arrive next week Friday. I plan to purchase some Bulletproof coffee next week from a nutrition store that is about a two hour drive from my residence. Very excited. And very excited about all information that I obtained from reading the forum. What exactly is a Bulletproof diet? Drinking the Bulletproof coffee every day? A version of a Paleo diet? I believe I eat healthy, now. I mostly eat whatever I want and avoid processed sugars and anything that I consider to be the Standard American Diet. I typically eat vegetarian, except when friends cook meals with meat. I am single and don’t like to turn away from home cooked, loving food. I am a 54 year old, recently retired probation and parole officer. I have undiagnosed PTSD from too many years in public service. I don’t want to go to a physician because I don’t want to take medications. I am happy with drinking therapeutic teas, mediation and yoga. As well as L-theanine, GABA etc. Reading the forum I should be taking these supplements with vitamins….overwhelmed. I have so much to learn. Anyway, my motivation to pursue a BP diet isn’t weight lost, although losing a few pounds wouldn’t hurt. I eventually want to learn about the nootropics because I want to start a new career. At 54. I could use an edge in heading the new direction that I want my life to go.

    My question:
    I tired of waiting for my Achilles heel to heal and purchased N-Acetyl-Cystine and L-Glutamine from Whole Foods. I had success with NAC in the past and the forum reminded to try it again. Also, I purchase a powdered Paleo Pro. Did I put together a good recipe to fix my yoga injury?

    Any insightful responds to my too long post is greatly appreciated.

  • Unless I'm missing it, it looks like the link to this forum is no longer there on the main Bulletproof site? Is Dave worried about too many people questioning some of his more outlandish claims ... or, if not that, what the heck is going on?

  • @Andrew said:
    Dear Bulletproof Executive Readers,

    I'm stoked to introduce the brand new Bulletproof Executive Forum. This gives us a place to discuss everything Bulletproof, all in one place.

    This forum is now the place to post your questions! It's the very first place Dave and I will see questions. When you ask questions here on the forums, everyone can benefit from the questions and responses.

    You can easily begin discussion (for free) by clicking the "Register" link above and opening a forum profile.

    Kind regards,


    Really glad to have found this forum. More to come!

  • Hi guys! I am new here! My name is Rick

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