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anybody know of any natural non-prescription hacks(food,'s all medicine end of the day)that have any profound effect on the symptoms off ADD?


  • I've been reading the forums and decided to sign up and start a thread but I can't do that yet

    I have ADD. I take some supps and they seem to help my focus and clarity a bit. I have noticed better memory, clearer thoughts, less morning brain fog etc. but my biggest problem with ADD is not cured


    Procrastination and motivation are a serious weakness. I feel like this is a huge issue in my life. I feel like I have all the tools to do great things but unless I have an actual deadline or reason to do something I never follow through with ideas or they will get put off forever. shit just never gets done. its super frustrating and its just a constant uphill battle to get shit done.


    I want to know what people can recommend for focus and motivation. Caffeine isnt the answer. It helps but its not good enough. I dont want to be on stuff like adderall or provigil. I just ordered some sulbutiamine, pramiracetam, and aniracetam. I'm going to experiment with each and then see how mixing them works  


    Does anyone have any suggestions on anything else to try or what to mix?


    When will i be able to start my own thread? is it possible for someone else to paste this post and start a thread?


    Heres what I have been taking for the past year or so for my dome 


    Amino Complete

    Krill oil 

    N-Acetyl Tyrosine

    Jarrow Formulas, Acetyl L-Carnitine Arginate, + Alpha Lipoic Acid

    GPC Choline
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    I've had some success with nicotine lozenges. I also did 9 sessions of neurofeedback which is supposed to help with the symptoms. Its very subtle but I can really zone out now... I'm not sure its a good thing sometimes, and I still have trouble getting on task. They did recommend 30 sessions which I didn't do however.

  • Actually CDP choline has been tested to improve focus and mental energy in the treatment of ADD.



    If you want study-backed evidence, check it out!  :mrgreen:

  • I’ve had symptoms of ADD (not hyperactive) for a long time, but I have never been officially diagnosed. Severe procrastination, lack of motivation, low-level anxiety and reading difficulties are my major symptoms.


    In the past 18 months, I have tried a lot of things (nutritional, nootropic, tech etc) to alleviate my symptoms. The only thing that has a ‘significant’ effect is Modafinil. I find its effects spectacular- no desire to procrastinate, improved motivation, and more fluency in thoughts. However, it is not a complete solution. Its effects are short-lived (a few hours) and I do not want to tax my liver and adrenals with it every day. It also affects sleep negatively- which is expected as it is indicated for wakefulness.


    I do not recommend taking modafinil regularly, but it is worth experimenting at a low dose (50-100 mg) to see if there is an effect.

    I’m trying to find anything more ‘natural’ that can have positive effects without the negatives. Some of the other things I tried are:


    Moderate/subtle effect on ADD

    ·         Gluten-free, sugar-free diet

    ·         Fish Oil megadose

    ·         Caffeine + L-Theanine

    ·         Picamilon

    ·         Cygnet Neurofeedback (30 sessions)


    No effect on ADD

    ·         Iodine loading

    ·         Neurotransmitter Urine testing

    ·         Magnesium Glycinate/Malate

    ·         Alpha Brain

    ·         Aniracetam + Choline (may be inferior quality though)

    Potato Starch


    Future testing

    ·         CILTEP

    ·         tDCS

    ·         LLLT

    ·         Neuroptimal

    ·         Irlen glasses

  • Great info, Reggie! However, for people viewing this, keep in mind that is his individual reaction. Don't fret if one that helped / didn't help him doesn't have the same results for you.

  • When you are talking about fish oil, what kind of fish oil exactly do you mean?

  • I have a brain injury that mostly manifests as reeeally bad ADD (same area of brain, prefrontal cortex). My neurologist is super open to experimenting & we've tried just about everything; the list of what's actually helped is fairly short.



    • Nuvigil - was like getting a few cylinders back. Not sure how else to explain it. The closest to "normal" I've ever felt. Unfortunately I couldn't tolerate it for more than a few days at a time before crashing big time.
    • Wellbutrin - less helpful, but otherwise benign.


    • matcha + brain octane - something about the theanine and MCT is slightly magical in a way that coffee isn't (for me, anyway).
    • ALCAR
    • rhodiola
    • tyrosine/phenylamine

    Non ingestibles:

    • moderate/high intensity exercise
    • [email protected] (app)
    • desk treadmill (HUGE help for work-related focus)

    As someone who used to have a "normal" brain, I gotta say that living with an ADD one is *hard*. And frustrating as hell. Short of stimulant meds, the more you can learn about the mechanisms behind how an ADD brain works, the better chance you'll have at finding work-arounds. From my experience, you HAVE to find work-arounds.


    There are a bunch of podcasts on "ADHD + Executive Functions" that do a pretty good job of explaining things. Do an iTunes search for Dr. Ari Tuckman, he's done a few long form interviews.

  • could You be specific on Megadose of fish oil please?Add/Anxiety/Depression have been torturing Me My entire adult existence...nice to know You're not alone...Thank You

  • Most studies about mega dosing fish oil are short term and there are potential dangers to mega dosing for the long term. I have (or maybe I had) ADHD and this is what I found to help:

    - raw eggs and non GMO soy lecithin - high in choline - you can buy choline in supplement form too

    - take the B vitamins

    - fix your gut issues - this improves brain function

    - eat bullet proof / paleo etc.

    - eat fish if you want the omega 3's

    I think you are better off looking at vitamins that effect neuro transmitters in your brain than just fish oil. Maybe even 5-htp and EGCG.

    Just saying - there's a lot of research out there on fish oil that isn't very positive. Pretty sure I've even heard Dave on the podcast say he doesn't recommend mega dosing - since it's a pufa and unstable.
  • When are you finding that your ADD/ADHD is showing up the most? What activities are you doing? Do you find that you are having troubles focusing on 1 task? Do you have multiple inputs streaming at you at once?


    Have you spent time in nature recently? Yes, it's 'hippy'ish, but it can be calming to the ADD/ADHD mind.

  • I have add and I'm my best in the mornings and early afternoon. Once I hit 3-4pm I start making silly mistakes and usually just coast the rest of the evening. I think the most important part of having a mental disorder is knowing your limits. If I try to power through it'll usually cause more harm than good.  None the less here's my daily routine.


    5:30am shower

    5:45am breakfast: spinach, almond milk, and coconut oil shake. Also take Krill Oil, Theanine, Choline, and calcium d glucarate. BP coffeee with brain octane.

    5:50am-6:20am - Meditate (mindfulness really), followed by a short heartmath session.

    6:20am-6:30am - Dual N Back


    Read till 8am


    At 10am I'll make yerba mate with brain octane.


    1pm lunch, usually vegetable heavy with some protein, very little if any carbs.


    3pm im toast for the day


    5pm dinner, vegetables, protein, carbs (decent amount).


    6pm sleepytime tea, mct oil, dash of honey.


    tv, video games till 9pm. Sleep induction mat. Sometimes I'll take magnesium, it usually gives me some really vivid dreams. For some reason this seems good to me because I feel that I stay in deep sleep.



    Anyways, feel free to try any or all. I also welcome any feedback to my routine.



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