Nervous System Training For Cognitive Performance

Dave mentioned that he has different neuromuscular electronic stimulation devices (such as the POV sport) or others that trains the nervous system and provides physical and cognitive benefits.  Does anyone know of machines that are affordable and effective?


  • I've just bought the Alleva-Wave (non FDA approved somapulse for animals) which is slightly more powerful than the soma pulse. The podcast with Dr Pawluk suggested that by having the PEMF device placed on the lower back can tone the nervous system. I've only had it a couple of days and certainly no negative effects. I'll feed back in due course.

    Apparently there are no chiropractors/sport therapists working with the POV device in the UK, which is a real shame.The podcast was fascinating. Especially the story of the guy who was able to increase his reaction time to such an extent his motorbike could not follow. The way I see it if you can recalibrate your nervous system to function at a higher level you can live more from moment to moment. Your perception of time may change perhaps, always several steps ahead. Needless to say I would love to try the POV device or hear the experiences of someone who has.
  • Exactly the reason I am looking for a comparable device. It seems that the neurological benefit comes from training the nervous system to intake more information (I believe the POV does 245 signals per second).  Are there any other devices that operate on this level frequency?

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