The Best Qs Device Now On The Market

According to my browsing of reviews, my current ranking is something like:


1) Fitbit Force - Most features for the price, but too bad they were recalled because of a skin irritation issues that affected some users.


2) Basis 2014 ed. - A *huge* panoply of features. Unfortunately, no alarm, no way to get at the raw data; also there are some complaints about the accuracy of the heart rate readings.


The 3.2/5 stars average review rating on Amazon is also a big source of consternation.


3) Fitbit One - Good syncing, raw data can be accessed for additional fee, motivations system, very good reviews, limited in features relative to the Basis but 2x less expensive, sleep mode has to be entered in manually but does have an alarm system.


Another advantage of Fitbit is that its ecosystem is much bigger than that of the Basis.


PS. I'm happy to wait a few months if there is a really good new product projected to be released in the intervening period.


  • I am waiting to see when Apple introduces a wearable. Not to say that I would buy it, but their introduction should spark much activity by others.

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