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Hey hackers!


I stumbled onto a site that sells time share apartments all around the world. Some of them are very cheap! I found a few in places I've been and I can't see any reason so far why they're not a good idea.


I think I know the gist of timeshare, and it makes a lot of sense if its done properly. There is a lot of bad press about it though.


The "hack" element, is making your holiday a lot cheaper. As an example, one place I am interested in is 4,500 pounds for a week. I checked the price online as a customer and the same place would be 2000 pounds for the week. So if I bought it and used it for 3 years, I've saved money, and I save more every time I use it. I can also give my week away, rent it or sell it eventually.


So if you're happy to take a holiday to the same place once per year, this is a real travel hack.


Has anyone had any experiences with this? Good or bad?


The website I found is www.travelandleisure.co.uk



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    Reading more about it, you don't even need to go to the same place each time, you can use an exchange system where you basically swap with another person and go somewhere else.



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