Nmda Antagonists And Amphetamine Tolerance

I was recently reading this guide to potentiating adderall and keeping tolerance down, and was interested to learn that supplementing with Magnesium and / or other NMDA antagonists is an effective way to keep down adderall tolerance.

I've looked into this more, and found that using a Magnesium supplement seems to be a pretty proven method of slowing the buildup of tolerance, but I'm more interested in some of the more powerful NMDA antagonists such as Memantine. I've heard many accounts of this drug actually reversing an existing tolerance, which would be fantastic if true.

Anyone have experience with using Memantine or similar drugs to reverse or prevent amphetamine tolerance? Are they effective enough to make it worth trying to get some?


  • NMDA antagonists will reverse drug tolerance/dependence caused by receptor downregulation, yes. Magnesium, however, is a very weak and circumstantial one, and its use for this purpose is mostly theoretical. I've never heard anyone claim they could feel Mg affect their tolerance, but it's a good thing to supplement at any rate, so...

    Personally, my anti-tolerance stack consists of Uridine Monophosphate (taken sublingually) alongside brain-building nutrients like DHA, EPA, Choline and Inositol, sometimes taken alongside Ketamin if I really want to reset my receptors. Uridine is a natural central brain-building nutrient that doubles as a signaling agent to encourage receptor- and synaptogenesis, and there should be (in theory) and is (in my experience) synergy when you use this alongside an NMDA antagonist, which might ordinarily cause the available nutrients to become a limiting factor.

    That's for receptor density, anyway. There's also drug tolerance through liver enzyme upregulation, which I adress through daily Milk Thistle. Mind, I'm not sure how relevant that is for amphetamines - I just like to keep my tolerances low in general.
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