The Alexander Technique

I've found these teachings to be tremendously helpful in recalibrating my physicality to reflect a state of optimum well being and I'm fairly certain that you would find this teachings helpful for you'r own life. I'm a fairly tall individual and I've suffered with poor posture throughout my life, because most everything is designed for people shorter than I and the Alexander Technique has certainly corrected improper habits that I've developed over the years with observable results and I feel it's something that I wish I knew of sooner.


The Alexander Technique




  • Totally agree. It's subtle but powerful with benefits for breathing, posture and voice all the time. Without hitting the reset button on the tensegrity structure that is the human body with AT other exercises and practises could be less effective or harmful.

    I've just started having some lessons again and would recommend this to anyone. Not cheap though.
  • Lessons from a trained practitioner would be ideal, unless someone created an application for the Microsoft Kinect focused around the practices of the Alexander Technique which someone definitely should. It'd probably be something that could be kickstarted; I know it would benefit and help a lot of people and be a way of calibrating the foundations of body structure on a daily basis. I sure with the fan base that Dave Asprey has someone with the knowhow and drive could do it.

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