Wild Divine, Heartmath, And Friends : Hackable Biohacker Hardware?

Was pointed this morning to this thing, which from a cursory reading things to be an emwave-like thing -- but unlike emwave, it appears that the data is accessible with https://github.com/openyou/liblightstone (if you can do some programming).

Anyone has any info to share about this device and/or how it compares to emwave?

(side note: same guy provides code that can access lots of other devices, including ZEO, fitbit, Emotiv and friends! woot! http://www.openyou.org/libs/ )


  • hzahza ✭✭
    Great link, thanks. I've had a lightstone for years, just never really bothered with it. It measures skin resistance and pulse, and maybe something else (has 3 finger clips), pretty sure it's essentially the same as emwave but the limited searching I've done hasn't produced any direct comparisons, just sites that sell both. If you don't have one already, though, I think the emwave is probably cheaper.
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