Acne Outbreak After Bp Coffee - Digestive Enzyme Help?

Dear all BP fellow,

I am new to BP, yet I have purchased quite a number of Dave's products.

I have also followed his recommendation and take the following supplements:

Morning :

Glutathione Force (random dose)

1 hour later:

Vitamin A - Throne Research (TR), 25000IU

Vitamin D3 - Pure Encap, 5000IU

Vitamin K2 - Life Extension, Super Booster Softgels

Fish Oil - Pure Encap, 300 EPA & 200 DHA out of 1000mg of fish oil per cap

Iodine (Potassium) - Pure Encap, 225mcg

15 mins later:

BP coffee with Brain Octane + Anchor butter

+ BP choco/vanilla/cacao butter + NOW Foods Erythritol (2 tbsp)

1 hour before Lunch:

Vitamin C - TR, 500mg with Flavonoids

Vitamin B - TR, Basic B Complex

Magnesium Glycinate - Pure Encap (120mg)

1 hour after Lunch:

Fish Oil - Pure Encap, 300 EPA & 200 DHA

1 hour before sleep:

BP collagen with warm water (2 tbsp)

Magnesium Glycinate - Pure Encap (120mg) x2 or x3

Potassium Citrate - Pure Encap (200mg) x1

Occasionally I take Modafinil instead of BP coffee,

I haven't gone complete BP, indeed far from BP diet...

It's extremely diff to be BP in China....

I occasionally drink tomato juice / grape juice

I have had this supplement routine for half year,

Everything is okay, until I recently start having BP coffee...

I have serious acne break out all along the jaw line....

I have gone through this forum, and realized that it may be due to butter...

I have abdominal pain problem for quite a long time, which I think was mainly due to stress as it has almost gone after I passed a difficult exam. I still have digestion problem sometimes, though I think it's just over-eating... I can feel my stomach swell...

So my question is:

1. I experienced stomach gases and pain after BP coffee, so I cut the amount of Brain Octane, and butter as well, and take some digestive pill (I duno what it is as it was in Japanese, I google translate it, and seems that it is Lipase and Biodiastase and some carbonate), it's turn out okay

2. I try to up the amount of butter and brain octane again last week, then I now have acne outbreak.....

- I dun think it's my supplement problem, as I didn't make any change.

- I have been drinking coffee for a long time, so it won't be coffee.

- If it is butter, I would like to know if I can have more enzyme to ease the acne outbreak by digesting the fat? Or I am total intolerant to butter, even it is digested and absorbed by my body? But I also had butter in the past and have no problem...

- I can't get any grass fed ghee here in my region

It's quite frustrating as I am trying to prove BP diet to my family... And now I have acne all over my face....

Sorry for this long post, i hope I can have the acne problem resolve ASAP... I want to promote BP in china..!


  • The first thing that comes to mind is that you are having a detox reaction.  Fat stores toxins and if you are fat burning you are re-leasing all kinds of stuff back into your bloodstream.  If this is the correct hypothesis, then with time your symptoms and acne should clear up.


    The second thing I think about is that acne is related to bacteria and inflammation.  Your bacterial flora may be changing from going bulletproof.  A few options:  (1) give it more time and see if it gets better, you are probably promoting development of better "good" bacteria with your new diet.  (2)  try some probiotic efforts (fermented foods, Primal Defense Ultra, etc.).  Inflammation is harder to sort out, but try to stay away from inflammatory stuff and eat more turmeric.


    I don't think the acne is from the butter, but if you are having stomach cramps definitely go slower with the MCT and the butter and gradually taper it up.  Also, I think sipping BP coffee slowly throughout the morning is the best way to do it.




  • I went through something similar, I kept getting acne on my legs and now I have small purple bruise looking blemishes left where they were, had them for ages.. This seems to tie in with increased fat intake from BPC.. Maybe not!

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  • Thanks Gabe!

    Indeed I am quite fit 173cm weighted 68kg, how come I have stored so many toxin in my fat.....?

    If it is detox reaction, can I take charcoal to absorb those? Or is there any method that can help removing those toxin, like drinking lots of water to flush them out if the body?

    Since I look terrible now, I have stopped having BPC now and may only start having BPC again next week with really small amount of butter and brain octane oil....

    Hi Hotspoons,

    I am sorry that you have experienced similar thg, so how did u solve the problem? You just stop having BPC?

    Btw, I have taken higher dose of collagen and vitamin c and have clay mask trying to recover ASAP or at least remove the dark acne scar or marks ... It does seem to work, not know if it is natural metablisom, coz I m 26 and I think I may recover quicker anyway....

    Thanks again, Gabe and Hotspoons.

    I have learnt a lot from reading the posts in this forum, and I like this online community a lot, and we re obvious against the mainstream...!! Haha!
  • BP_Alex,


    We all store toxins in our fat, and even thin people have some body fat.  I can't prove that I'm right about this being a detox reaction, but I do think it is certainly a reasonable possibility, especially if you are doing BPC which tends to promote fat burning.  


    Charcoal absorbs toxins in the gut only, so it won't help with anything that gets released into your bloodstream directly.


    Anti-oxidants are one of the major ways your body handles toxins, as well as detox and filtration in the liver and kidneys.


    Given what I said above about the major causes of acne, I would focus my efforts on fighting inflammation and promoting good bacteria.  I'm assuming you are off gluten.  


    I don't know if I can solve this one for you, but keep doing experiments, try to do them in a rational way, and track your results.  I think you are on the right track.

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    Hi guys,

    Does anyone know Curology brand? I have a big struggle with acne since I came back to eating meet and dairy products and it after being vegan for a few months. It's nothing big but I didn't have any acne before. I came across some reviews and they are quite nice but anyway is there anyone who can recommend it? I've tried tee tree oil and I use D3 vitamin but I still get some pretty big outbreaks.

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