Pemmican Or Upgraded Whey?

I was curious as to what each one benefited best with and consequently, which would be better for me? I was looking for whichever would stimulate muscle growth more than the other, since they are about the same price, but if one was significantly better in several other aspects, I might get it. It seems that the upgraded whey has bovine serum in it which is supposed to increase growth factors, and yet so to is colostrum supposed to help growth in the pemmican powder. They both have GF whey concentrate and MCT oil, and the pemmican has collagen. I was wondering what were the opinions/facts on which was better for muscle growth? Thanks in advance!


  • Sorry, I don't have an answer for you, but an addition to your question.

    I would love to see a side-by-side comparison of the whey, pemmican, collagen, and collagen with aminos on suggest use and results to make a better informed decision on which is right for the purchaser. For example, use whey for meal replacement and post workout, or use collagen for meal replacement or as a supplement, etc...
  • The pemmican and the whey are both very good for muscle growth. The whey would probably fit your needs better in this situation as per its higher protein content.
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