Serapeptase And Dmso

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Quick run down, my wife has a rare auto immune, stemming from drinking a documents contaminated water incident in NYC in 1993. After a few weeks of being sick, literally every joint in her body froze. basically she is stuck in a sitting position so to speak. She is on a great program with a great functional med doc. We want to though also try and go for loosening up her joints. We were first thinking high doses of serapeptase but then thought DMSO with it straight into the joint might be worth a try. I would appreciate any feedback. We take many of the products here, especially the collagen, love the site.


Thanks in advance for the feedback or help.




  • That sounds horrible.  I'm curious as to how you figured out that it was from the water so long ago.  Don't have much to offer other than I hope she starts feeling better.

  • Well it happened immediately after that incident, many were sickened, elderly passed away, it was rough. She really at first experienced extreme fever like symptoms then a ta Food Fest ended up with food poisoning, over night within a day or so her joints literally locked. Likely her bodies inability to deal with the influx of junk in her triggered then what we know now her homozygous mutation of MTHFR c677t. We have not attacked the joints yet, just her guts and overall health, she sees Chris Kresser for that.She also loves research like most here.


    Long ago, she had joint manipulation where a doc actually under anesthesia broke all the joints. WOW. Then knee surgery to see what was going on. In that there was loads of scar tissue in the front of the joint butt he back was clear. In that scar tissue he found bloody tissue that he said seemed active. So he sent that to the Mayo clinic and they basically said it's auto immune, nothing we can do, good luck. She has no neurological disorders. her mind is perfect so to speak which most find odd.


    So is there a way to free the joints? That's what we want to explore... Clearly we are dealing with everything else in time.

  • Has intravenous Vitamin C been tried?


    How are you getting on with DMSO? How did you take it?

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