The Biohacker's Ces Device - An Open Source Electronics Project

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I have had a long time interest/hobby of do it yourself electronics and a new found interest in brain and sleep hacking. That being said it only makes sense that I attempt to make my own CES device for said hacking. I would like to have feedback and information from the BP community about features that currently available devices are lacking and that they would like to see. In other words, I want to make a biohacker specific CES device that I can use and possibly anyone else who might be interested.

This project will be completely open source/open hardware. Meaning I plan to share all the schematics, layouts, software, and BOMs with anyone interested.

I am also interested in information anyone can provide about previous DIY work in this area, if there is any. I have not done a lot of searching since I plan to do this regardless of anyone else having done it previously. Like I said, electronics is a hobby and I have set this as my next project.

Also, it would be helpful if anyone who currently owns a working CES device would help me out by disassembling and taking photos of the insides of the unit. This will help speed up the early design phases of everything. PM me if you are willing and able to do this for me!

In the long term, I hope I can make a usable device that people in this community could tinker with and provide feedback. Even more long term I might be able to provide kits for the cost of parts, shipping, and small handling fee to people who are interested in putting one together themselves.

I am not going to lie, I don't know much about CES work other than it focuses on sending signals through the brain tuned to wavelengths associated with different mind states. So I plan to learn the details as I go.

This is supposed to be for an informed biohacker and not your average layman. So I want to make a device that might include programmed functions, customizable functions, as well as complete freedom via manual control.

Just some starting points, please provide any input you think would be useful:
  • What frequency range would you like to see (i.e. .1 to 100 Hz)?
    • What degree of precision would be useful in this range? (i.e. .1 Hz or .01 Hz?)
    • Would having an unvarying DC setting be useful?
  • What are the typical waveforms that are useful?
    • Sinusoidal?
    • Sawtooth?
    • Square wave?
  • Should the waveforms vary about 0 potential equally or would it be useful to provide some kind of DC offset?
  • Timer features?
  • User created programs?
  • Intensity variability? Time varying intensity, so in other words amplitude modulation. What would a gamma wave signal do that was amplitude modulated by an alpha wave?
  • What about frequency modulation?
  • Please, any input is welcome! I want to make a fully customizable device that gives the user the ability to tune the settings to their own individual physiology.

If anyone is interested, please, lets discuss!


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