Bitcoin 2015 Predictions


  • Trading volume of BTC right now is only about $100 million per day and market cap is around $5bn. Compared to trading volume of almost $1.5 trillion per day of conventional currencies. The more the trading volume and the market cap goes up, the more likely for increased pressure of major countries attempt to suppress the adoption (currently happening off and on in China). Some monetary corrupt countries (Argentina, Bandledesh, Ecuador) have already took a negative stance on BTC and some have banned it entirely. The NYFDS is in the process of establishing "bitlicenses" in NY, which is terrible for bitcoin if implemented improperly. Getting a "bitlicense" could become just as difficult as obtaining a banking license. Some good news, investments in bitcoin related businesses are showing pre-internet style numbers. Logarithmically, BTC is showing increasing value over the past two years and will still continue to rise in value in 2015. Once businesses start to carry liabilities in BTC, the value will most likely rise and volatility will lessen.

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  • cyrptocurrencies are the future.. pandora's box has been opened, buckle up

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