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    June 19
  • supersperm

    I've read your feedback on the mega hydrate and hydrogen supplement thingy, and how you said it's pretty much a scam..... well, is there any way anyone can supplement their body with hydrogen then??? And one more thing, what's your views on fulvic acid supplementation???

    Appreciate the insight

    May 10
    • Jason Hooper
      Jason Hooper
      Hydrogen is a free radical. Please do not supplement with it. It's bad for you.
    • supersperm
      How is it bad if it makes up 90% of the body, I don't comprehend
    • supersperm
      Even free radical in itself and how you approach it makes me question your logic a bit.... doesn't the body fight free radicals naturally???

      So wouldn't that mean it makes us stronger in a way?
    • Jason Hooper
      Jason Hooper
      - You are off by a factor of 10. Hydrogen is more like 9% of the body, not 90% and it is bound to negatively charged elements. Hydrogen is an important element in biology, but so is carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, and so on. It is the combination of these elements that form compounds that make up our biology. Elemental hydrogen is damaging to our biology.

      - So you are asking if deliberate exposure to H+ radicals will makes us stronger? To prove this, we would have to demonstrate a stress response adaptation. For instance, resistance training creates a stressor that we adapt to over time through a process of recovery. In biology, this isn't always the case. Smokers don't claim to have stronger lungs from all of the smoking, right? The difference is in the t-helper cell modulation. Is the stimulus providing a series of compounds that are identified by genetic co-factors and then go through a process of immunoglobulin activation to repair tissue, thus making it stronger? In the case of H+, the body reduces the radical using an anti-oxidant. It simply oxidizes a compound that the body could have used for another purpose. For instance, if you are a distance runner, the body could have used GSH to recycle lactic acid allowing you to perform longer, but you subjected your biology to hydrogen radicals; instead, has to reduce the H+ instead.

      My advice to you is to get this hydrogen supplement out of your head and instead focus on what you are looking to accomplish. Why do you want to take a hydrogen supplement? What will it do for you and how will it change your life? Then look for something that has been demonstrated to help you achieve your goals. You may find that what you are looking for doesn't come in the form of a pill.