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  • I recently just started drinking Yogi Kava tea and have been loving it! I drink it about an hour or so before bed and it knocks me out. However, it's more of a 'when I want to go to sleep' kind of thing though. I feel super relaxed and stress-free. …
  • Turmeric seems to help me for general aches and pains as it acts as a natural anti inflammatory. I take every day and occasionally double up after big workouts. I use Life Extension Super Bio-curcumin which is BCM-95, the form of turmeric Dave recom…
  • I had some lower back pain too from heavy lifting. I bought a float tank session on groupon and it was just the thing I needed! I only felt a very slight pain in my back. Besides the back pain, I felt almost no pain entirely in my body. If I had the…
  • I used to love the L-theanine + coffee/ caffeine stack. I would take 200mg suntheanine + 200mg  caffeine before my am workouts and it gave me ultimate clean/ focused energy. I guess the reason why I stopped was because my tolerance for L-theanine gr…
  • F.lux for sure. This is one of the best finds my friend showed me as I'm at my computer 8+ hours out of the day. My eyes have thanked me big time.
  • Awesome find!
  • I've been taking a zma supplement before bed for the last month or so. Though I haven't gone to the doctors and ran actual tests, I can say that I believe my T levels did rise a bit. My strength has gone up, mood has elevated, and I sleep like a kin…