Humble Jordan

My midlife journey towards health started with making a hand assembled smoothie consisting of 25+ separate ingredients. My "healthy" shakes turned out to be over 1200 calories because of the 3-4 fruit sugars. Then I would perform daily, intense exercise that wrecked my joints all in an attempt to lose weight. Calories in, calories out! It was only after I began to drink BP coffee and trying to eliminate sugar and bread from my diet that I began reaching ketosis and I started burning fat and shrinking my midsection while hiking (playing disc golf). Today, with 40 pounds of fat gone I am now working on maintaining and strengthening muscle by proper fueling and moderate exercise. Now that my fat is gone I struggle to stay fueled. Nutrition through complete powder mixes, some healthier food bars and whole food meals full of vegetables, fat and some protein seems to be working well. Now supplementing with some collagen protein I only need to figure out how to build back my joints.


Humble Jordan
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  • Irradiation of Vegetable Enzymes & Gut Health

    Please, when you next have a guest on speaking about gut health and/or commercial vegetable quality, ask them some questions about the state of vegetable irradiation.

    How prevalent is it?

    Are organic vegetables allowed to be irradiated?

    Is the killing of the natural vegetable enzymes a major contributor to poor digestion of nutrients in vegetables?

    Does the irradiation of vegetables in any way mutate the cells of the plant material and should that be a health concern?

    Thanks Dave

    I couldn't find mention of this topic in the forum.

  • Exclusion Zone Water

    Can humans make their own exclusion zone water with every drink by swishing it around in their teeth for a time? I always swish cold water until it warms mostly for digestion reasons though also for throat sensitivity (to avoid congealing oils and butter in throat) and rinsing between teeth. It would be awesome if it also created exclusion zone water naturally.

    Similarly, does swishing Bulletproof Coffee effectively work like Oil Pulling? Bonus?!