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  • Re: Bulletproof raises another $19 million in funding

    I'll bet this 19 million is going towards a brand new forum.

  • Re: Lindt 85% chocolate not BP

    @dietgoal said:
    In fact their new 78% even contains wheat flour, so not gluten free!

    I don't think this is accurate.

    Lindt chocolate is probably made in a facility that also processes hazel nuts, crustaceans, soy, milk and wheat, and so they can't legally claim to be 100% free of those things. It's possible, despite their best efforts, that their chocolate could end up cross-contaminated enough to make people with extremely severe allergies to the above sick. But that doesn't mean you can buy a Lindt Sumptuous Shrimp™ chocolate bar.

    Lindt is still Bulletproof (unless trace amount of the aforementioned allergens are an issue for you).

  • Re: What's The Worst You've Seen?

    I've heard stories in the past (not anyone I know personally) of people putting coke or even beer in baby bottles for their kids and having a big old laugh.


    A lot of the bad parenting I've seen extends far beyond diet; parents who have violent or otherwise dysfunctional relationships with their children. I mean, obviously most kids eat like shit. It's just the reality of the world we live in. When most parents don't even know how to feed themselves properly, how can they be expected to make the right choices for their kids? But it's the other stuff that bugs me more. Spanking, threatening kids in public, things of that nature. The flip-side are the kids who don't know how to act in public and basically run wild like savages because their parents never taught them. Or those older kids who take on the violent role and basically push around their older parents-- saw a high-school aged kid recently shout down his elderly father (poor old guy hobbled around and had a busted arm) for literally no reason. Can't imagine what sort of upbringing he must've had to make him think that such reactions are acceptable. And I don't buy the "some kids have great parents and still grow up to be Jack the Ripper" idea. SOMETHING has to have happened to incite such tendencies in a child. But, I digress.


    People are fucking stupid.

  • Re: Nootropics For Kids?

    Any tips on making my 5-month old daughter Limitless??

    Lol, playing around with brain chemistry probably isn't a good idea till someone is done growing. The age I've seen thrown around for males is ~25 years old. A high fat BP diet will probably give your kid(s) a great start, though!
  • Re: Google Attacks The Politicization of Biohacking?

    @JRoseland said:

    Not an argument.

    photo 70e_zpsjkm8qkou.jpg

    No, but seriously, Natural News sucks. If they're getting crapped on, it's no great loss. I also don't think it signals some widespread crackdown on biohacking. I'd hardly call anything on Natural News "biohacking", man. Certainly it hasn't earned a reputation for hard-hitting scientific articles. It's considered by many (including some of us forum members) to be a cringy conspiracy theory/sham site.

    If the powers that be come after Dave or Mark Sisson or something, then I'll reevaluate.