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  • Your Friend Obsessed With Bulletproof Coffee

    Dunno if this has been shared, but I thought it was hilarious.

  • Re: Is Hillary Biohacking (On Top Of The Regular 'hacking' She Does)?

    @DMan said:
    My Facebook reads like earth is going to explode any minute now...

    Seriously. The entire internet is having a meltdown, acting like this is "worse than 9/11", or that "Hitler 2.0" has just been elected. They act like his first day in office will be spent on horseback, spearing gays and people of color with a crossbow. I think it's a little early to freak out.

    The democrats lost this thing because they're a bunch of smarmy SJWs who fielded the worst possible candidate-- a fucking criminal. They had the media in their pocket and STILL couldn't win.

    Meanwhile, the Republicans were so inept that they couldn't field any of their more "serious" candidates. Trump unexpectedly won the nomination in a landslide, managed to persuade millions of people to vote for him by running on a non-globalist platform the likes of which the country hadn't seen in ages, and then came up from behind with a staggering win. People can say whatever they want about The Dahnald, but he deserves his win. It's tremendous.

    The Republicans maintained majorities in the house and senate, so I imagine most of those Republican leaders who spit on Trump throughout the election cycle will now grovel. With so much Republican power, Trump's going to be pretty damn powerful-- at least for the first 2 years. Will certain progressive social issues get sacked? It's possible. I understand that Pence is notoriously homophobic. Trump doesn't appear to be, though.

    In the end, Trump's platform seems to be focusing more on putting America's interests first. Enforcing borders (Does anyone SERIOUSLY believe he's gonna build a LITERAL wall?), improving our relationships with foreign countries and bringing jobs back to the US. Will he accomplish any of this? Hard to say. But all of those Americans who talked shit about him throughout the election--who were so certain of a Clinton landslide--seem to have seriously underestimated him.

    At the very least, I think that maybe we'll have avoided WW3 with Russia. And frankly, that concerns me a whole hell of a lot more than who uses what bathroom or whatever. Clinton's saber rattling and "toughness" on Russia made me wonder if the planet wasn't going to get glassed.

    Anywho, just my opinions. Maybe I'm just a shitlord, but I think a little optimism is warranted.

  • Re: Curious About Vaccinations

    Questions I come up with re: vaccinations:


    1- How many millions or perhaps billions of people are walking this planet unvaccinated or undervaccinated? There are a ton of people out there who are totally unvaccinated, sure.


    2- Are these people dropping like flies? Nope. They're either lucky, their bodies manage to fend off the diseases in question, or they're benefitting from dat dere herd immunity. SOME of them do drop like flies, though. Unfortunately.


    3- Can your body defend itself very well from direct injection into your bloodstream? (not really) Of course not.


    4- Are the success rates for vaccination provably highly successful? (again, not really) I would say it depends on the vaccines. Polio and Chicken pox seem to have been highly successful. The more suspect ones like Gardasil and flu? I have my doubts.


    5- Does history show most dangerous epidemics had already run their course and been beaten by the human defense mechanisms even before vaccinations became available? If by "run their course" you mean "had already left many, many people dead", then yeah. Sure, sometimes the human body can cope with and adapt to certain conditions, but just because the Bubonic Plague eventually tapered off doesn't mean that millions of peasants wouldn't have benefitted from and appreciated a vaccine.


    6- Is the vaccination industry highly profitable? Actually it isn't. At all. I used to think it was, but pharmaceutical companies make very little off of most vaccinations. I'll be the first to call out Big Pharma on anything, but I'm afraid we ain't got much on 'em in this case.


    7- Can you defend yourself and your family by eating a balanced diet of real foods, thus boosting your immune system to function properly and highly successfully? Of course you can. And it works alright for some. But take a look around. Some posters on this forum still get sick. Paleohacks, Marks Daily Apple-- they all contain threads where users basically say: "I eat a great paleo/BP diet and I'm SOOO sick guys. WHAT DO???" Unfortunately, it's often not enough.


    8- Do you or your doctor really know what is in the vaccination, and how it will effect you or your child, or are you simply one part in a group to make up the statistics of safe or not safe? I've done a little reading into this. My doctor couldn't list off the ingredients on the fly, but had a general idea of the contents. Heavy metals are no longer added to modern vaccines, trace amounts of aluminium are added, though. Basically, from my reading on the subject, while some of the stuff in the vaccine isn't "good" for you, it isn't all that different from what you might encounter and absentmindedly ingest in our polluted, modern world while out for a walk.


    9- Do some children die from bad reactions to vaccinations, and is it possible to really know what yourself or your child's reaction will be? No, and this is the inherent risk. As a parent you have to consider these risks.


    10- Are vaccinations worth it when considering all of the above? I would say yes. Others may feel differently.