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    Resurrecting this zombie of a thread!

    I finally bit the bullet and picked up a VitaMix blender a few days ago. I used it for the first time today and I have to say it's the best $300 I've spent in ages. I wish I'd done it sooner.

    Today's smoothie was:

    It was delicious.

    To the few users who remain on this wasteland of a forum-- What've you been blending up lately?

  • Re: Vegetables In Smoothies

    Hey, Tycho! Hope all is well.

    No, the Vitamix is pretty easy to clean. I've used it 3 or 4 times now and the clean-up has been simple. I rinse the thing out and then fill it with warm water and a little dish soap. I then let it blend for a minute or two at the highest speed. After that, I give it a quick pass with a sponge and it's all done. Takes only a few minutes. My old blenders had to be taken apart and re-assembled. This thing is one solid piece. It's early days yet, but I'm in love with it.

  • Re: Where is everyone? Old timers? BP forum diluted?

    Actually, the Mark's Daily Apple forum was shut down today. Lol.

    Wonder how long before this forum follows suit...

  • Re: Eating Out BP Diet/Headstrong at Shake Shack etc possible?

    It isn't possible to eat STRICTLY BP at such places, but if you're willing to make some compromises you may be able to get away with a reasonably paleo meal.

    At burger places, I sometimes do bunless burgers, and add whatever decent toppings they have on hand. Lettuce, bacon, avocado, egg, etc. I eat Chipotle with frequency. The oils they cook everything in are not really BP, but you can still enjoy a somewhat healthy meal there. Skip the tortillas and do a bowl instead. If you need the carbs, ask for rice. Their meats and cheese are pastured, IIRC, so this puts Chipotle head and shoulders above most chains. Add guac, salsa and lettuce and you've got a reasonably healthy meal.

    I love Panera, but the only thing they serve that really approaches BP is a salad. Unfortunately they use soy/canola oils in almost all of their dressings, so either plan ahead and take your own dressing, or take the nutritional hit and just eat theirs.

    I only drink coffee at Starbucks, though on the rare occasions I've gone looking for food there, I've found them to always carry stocks of fairly paleo snacks like Kind bars, dark chocolate, jerky, hard boiled eggs, etc. Check ingredient lists, of course.

    If you want to be strictly Bulletproof, try to look at menus and ingredient lists before you visit a restaurant and have some idea of what you're going to ask for before you even walk in. It's possible to eat well even at fast food restaurants, but it'll take some work on your end.

  • Re: What supplements does Dave take?

    @Corstiaan said:

    What are you saying here?

    It's true. I'm not trying to be a hater, but Dave has aged a lot in the last 4-5 years. He looks unnaturally haggard. It's kind of concerning.