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  • Re: Dehydration

    Make sure you're getting enough salt.

    Coffee can be mildly dehydrating, you can try decaf for a few days see if that helps.

    Are you sweating a lot? If you drink a lot of water but aren't urinating, the water has to go somewhere.

    If you drink a lot but do urinate and still feel parched, it's probably because your kidneys are trying to process something.

  • Re: Why were racetams removed from the bulletproof nootropics blog post?

    Found this about piracetam, should apply to all of the racetams - https://nootriment.com/piracetam-amazon/

    "[The FDA says a] dietary supplement must be one of the following: a vitamin, mineral, amino acid, herbal extract, botanical compound or a concentrate, metabolite, constituent, extract or combination of a dietary ingredient. Piracetam is none of these things and therefore does not qualify under FDA regulations to be called a supplement.

    What, then, is Piracetam according to the FDA? They consider it to be pharmacologically active and as such it falls into the category of being a drug. However, Piracetam sits in a gray area since it is unregulated and unscheduled."

    If you're a supplement maker (like bulletproof) you really don't want to get the FDA's attention for something like this. Even if you're not selling racetams, merely suggesting that it's safe to use could endanger your business.

  • Re: Why were racetams removed from the bulletproof nootropics blog post?

    For some reason racetams are not sold by big companies - I assume for liability risk or something like that. Way back when, you could get aniracetam on amazon, but no longer. I would assume bulletproof is getting big enough that one of their lawyers flagged the promotion of racetams as a risk that wasn't worth it. Similar for phenibut.

  • Re: Travel mug recommendation?

    Zojirushi is the bomb. I've used mine for years now, no impact on the rubber or plastic.

    Not sure how much you think MCT affects plastics - I've found most high-grade mugs, contigo and zojirushi specifically, are not impacted at all (unlike cheap products).


  • Re: Caffeine & Vitamin/Supplement abosrption

    The charcoal will decrease absorption of other vitamins and supplements. You should try and take charcoal at least 30 minutes away from supplements that you care about. I try to take it 2 hours away from food or supplement (except for emergencies, like if I get food poisoning or have an acute need).

    Caffeine will also decrease absorption of vitamins due to a diuretic effect.