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  • Re: Antibiotics and probiotics

    There are all sorts of things you can do - probiotics, acacia gum, fulvic minerals (aka restore4life), colostrum, fermented foods... you may want to find a holistic doctor or health coach that can help.

    Your diet will actually help a lot - if you stick to the bulletproof roadmap you'll avoid most of the toxins and irritants that can impact gut health.

  • Re: Antibiotics and probiotics

    Yes, that's more or less true. That's why you don't usually want to use antibiotics for something mild or trivial like a cold.

    Parasites are on the other end of that spectrum - they can be very dangerous to your health, causing a lot more havoc than the antibiotics would cause. That's a case where I'd want to take antibiotics - the risks of having parasites far outweigh the risks of using antibiotics.

    Get rid of the parasites first, then you can work on getting your gut healthy. There are lots of ways to improve gut health, not very many ways to be healthy with parasites.

  • Re: RFLP with green veggies for dinner

    That would be better for you than the normal RFLP.

    You can lose a lot of weight by just doing bp coffee for bfast and lunch and then eating a normal dinner. I consider a plate full of veggies to be a normal dinner, more or less. You want to include more protein in your diet sooner or later, but you should be able to do a coffee+veggie thing for a couple weeks without any problems (in my opinion).

  • Re: RFLP with green veggies for dinner

    Oh - and it's just good to have variety. If you have a big variety of veggies, that's better. And I'd suggest a variety of fats as well, put some olive oil on your veggies, maybe some avocado oil, coconut oil, etc. so that it's not just octane and butter, butter, butter all the time.

  • Re: How to make fat water

    Fat water is all about the convenience factor. Instead of grabbing a gatorade, you can grab a fat water.

    A home version would be pretty simple - put some water and brain octane oil in a blender, blend it up, drink. If you want to get fancy you can try and match some of the flavors or do your own, maybe add a little bit of the vitamins that are in fat water too.

    The flavors are going to be the more difficult part if you want to get the same taste. Otherwise, your own flavors shouldn't be too hard - just add some lemon juice, maybe some stevia...